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“I must say carrying the Finlandia herbal dispensary products has been really beneficial to our clinic! We have much less product loss than when we rely on patent formulas, and it’s much more cost effective for our patients. I like that you carry a good amount of the TCM herbs too (and have made some for me in the past!) so you keep both our Naturopath and I well stocked. I very much appreciate your customer service and personal attention to detail as well! So thanks a heap!”
– Dr. Rebecca Stephens, DTCM, at Healing Cedar Wellness Clinic, Port Moody, BC

“Could not be happier with the service you are providing in the herbal dispensary – there is not a lot of herbal compounding that is available up here, so being able to send you a recipe, ask for your advice and have all the shipping and handling dealt with is fantastic! Thank you!”
– Dr. Astrid Boeckelmann, ND, Prince George, BC

“I will take 1000ml of the Immune/Lymph Tincture please. Can you also send along 12 100ml bottles? Again, this tincture is AMAZING. I can’t tell you how much positive feedback I get and how effective it has been from both my patients and my family!”
– Dr. Alea Bell, ND, Bowen Island, BC

“The ‘Sinus Decongestant Spray’ from the herbal dispensary is amazing! It has now completely replaced the steroid spray I was previously using, and it works better than the steroid. The herbal spray seems to be repairing the issue as well as calming acute symptoms and calming the tendency to be sensitive, whereas the steroid spray would calm acute episodes somewhat but then my sinuses became more and more sensitive over time, and the steroid did not address the underlying issue.”
Kathryn Martin (customer), Vancouver BC

'Michelle Bonnie and the herbalists at Finlandia have been amazing support for me, not only as a doctor, but also a patient!! Numerous times I have been struggling with a case and Michelle has consistently come to my rescue. When you work with Michelle, you are working with someone who not only has a ton of experience, but a significant depth of wisdom, that is like no one else I have ever worked with. She puts her "essence" and clinical experience into every tincture, which I believe is what makes them SO effective. I have ALWAYS had extreme success with all of the formulations that come out of the herbal dispensary. I would highly recommend them for Doctors and Patients.'
Dr. Tanja White ND, Vancouver, BC

'I began working with Michelle Bonnie at Finlandia on high recommendation from a well-respected Medical Herbalist. Michelle and her staff in Finlandia's herb medicine department consistently produce effective formulations from top quality herbs. If none of their many standard formulations are quite right, they will make a custom blend. When I have questions, they respond to my emails quickly, and have always been generous with their time and expertise. In the ten years Finlandia has been my herb medicine provider, I've always been very happy with their products and service, and am delighted to highly recommend them.'
Dr. Jennifer Strong DTCM, Penticton, BC