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Urinary Infection

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Finlandia’s Urinary Infection Herbal Formula is scientifically designed, utilizing traditional herbal medicine to act as a diuretic and to help relieve symptoms of urinary complaints, such as benign urinary tract infections. This formula is also used to help alleviate infectious and inflammatory conditions of the urinary system and digestive tract such as gastritis.

Acute urinary tract infection, also known as cystitis, is quite common and affects 15 – 20% of women. This herbal formula is very antiseptic and soothing to the bladder and urethra. It will repair eroded membranes of the bladder wall, thus reducing inflammation. Membrane integrity prevents harmful bacteria from causing further infection. Our Urinary Infection formula includes a number of natural antibiotic herbs, specific to the urinary tract, that contain terpene essential oil. This essential oil is excreted from the body through the urinary system, thus directing the action of the herb to the site of infection in the bladder.

Other herbs in this formula stop bleeding, reduce pain and clear mucus congestion. There are also several herbs that soothe irritated tissues, assist with bladder tone and decrease an overactive desire to pass urine.

Product highlights:

  • Traditionally used in Herbal medicine as a diuretic, to help relieve symptoms of minor urinary complaints, such as benign urinary tract infections (UTI)
  • Helps alleviate infectious and inflammatory conditions of the digestive tract such as gastritis
  • 3 - 5 times stronger than usual tinctures on the market

Further information



Each dose of 40 drops contains:

Medicinal ingredients:

Agathosma betulina (Buchu Leaf)


Althaea officinalis (Marshmallow Root)


Arctostaphylos uva-ursi (Bearberry Leaf)


Berberis aquifolium (Oregon Grape Root)


Elymus repens subsp. Repens (Couch Grass Herb)


Equisetum arvense (Horsetail Herb)


Hydrastis canadensis (Goldenseal Root)


Solidago virgaurea (Goldenrod Herb)


Zea mays (Corn Silk Stigma)


Non-medicinal ingredients:

Water, ethanol

Adult Dosage:

Take 40 – 60 drops 3 times per day in a small amount of water. For occasional use only.

As per label.

About Our Complex Fluid Extract Formulations

The majority of our formulas are designed with herbal fluid extracts which are 3 – 5 times stronger than tinctures. Fluid extracts consist of 1 part plant to 1 part extracting liquid (typically a mixture of water and alcohol). Tinctures are 1 part plant diluted with 3 – 5 (or more) parts extracting liquid which makes them 3 to 5 times weaker than fluid extracts.

What this means for you is that your dosages will be in drops instead of teaspoons (quite appreciated especially if the formula does not taste very good!). Your bottle will last 3-5 times longer but it is not 3-5 times the price of the weaker tincture formulas.

We continue to update our inventory on an on-going basis, so if you do not see what you are looking for, please contact us.

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