Notin Air Tight Canister With Lid

Finlandia Alchemy

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The ingenious “Notin” is a completely airtight container that keeps your favourite food items properly and ready for you to enjoy.

The ceramic canister protects food against light oxidation. You will be surprised by how easily your herbs, tea and coffee are perfectly preserved when you place the silicone lid on the stoneware container and lightly press the lid. As the air is released, a seal is created, preventing air or light from reaching the contents. Another quick push and the seal is released, the lid then easily removed to reveal the prized cargo. 

The name “Notin” is a play on both the English word “tin”, which is traditionally used in China to store tea leaves and other important ingredients, and the Chinese word that sounds like “Notin” and means "accepting one’s fate with a smile“!

The soft line of the canister makes it is grabbed at ease.

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