Integration and release essential oil roll-on

Integration and Release Roll-On Essential Oil 10ml

Finlandia Alchemy

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This roll-on is specifically blended with essential oils that help the body/mind to integrate and utilize the yoga energies. It also helps to clear your energetic field of what you may have released as a result of your workout. 

Juniper, lavender and eucalyptus will clear and strengthen the auric field.

Jasmine will soften the nervous system and help integrate new energetic information into the body/mind.

Thuja helps the body/mind to integrate any new realizations on a spiritual level.

Rose Geranium and orange help keep heart and mind in synchronicity.

Apply to pulse points as needed at the end of yoga class or anytime you feel to let go of ‘the old’ and integrate ‘the new’.

Rose Geranium
Grapeseed oil

Are Finlandia Aromatherapy Oils Organic?

Although our oils are not certified organic, Finlandia’s suppliers prefer to support smaller distilleries that follow all the certification procedures but cannot afford to pay the expensive cost involved. All essential oils are lab tested to ensure the purity of our professional grade oils.

Most aromatherapy importers conduct only basic quality tests that do not prove the

authenticity and efficacy of an oil’s purity. However, all Finlandia oils are tested further by our suppliers, to ensure pure, high quality, therapeutic grade oils with no chemicals or preservatives. Finlandia guarantees that all their oils surpass the normal aromatherapy standards!

Use of Pesticides and Herbicides

Finlandia uses oils made from plants grown on farms in a country of origin where the pant flourishes because they will have a certain degree of natural resistance to the native pests and will not require pesticides to survive.

Harvesting and Distillation

Finlandia’s essential oils are harvested in the proper county of origin for each oil; and at the peak time for each plant. And where ever possible, low heat distillation is competed right in the field to ensure the highest quality oils. Many suppliers use high heat distillation long after the plant part is harvested, for greater yields of oil in a shorter period of time. But this process produces a lower quality oil, missing valuable chemical constituents due to the gap between harvesting and distillation and the constituents also end up being “burned out” of the oil due to the heat. Finlandia’s oils contain all of the natural chemical constituents which makes them very therapeutic and “well rounded”.

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