Natural Sea Salts Of The Earth 2kg

Natural Sea Salts Of The Earth 2kg

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The Story of the Salts

Known as Kur Bath in Europe, these mineral salts flow from a natural salt spring 1,400ft underground from the Ciechocinek SPA in Poland. 

A "Kur" is a series of daily mineral baths taken over a period of 10 - 14 days to relax, rejuvenate and restore the natural minerals your body is losing. Used for hundreds of years in European Spas, these bathing salts combine the inhalation effect on the respiratory system with the soothing effect on the body's largest organ, the skin. The end result is a scintillating bath that is both calming and regenerating.

Pour 1/2 cup of the liquid salts and 1 cup of the crystal salts into a regular size bathtub filled with water (95° - 100°F). For more concentrated bath, pour up to half the contents of the liquid and crystals into the tub. Relax and soak up essential minerals for 20 - 30 minutes. For best effect, repeat daily for 10 - 14 days. In higher concentration, use every other days 10 - 14 times. 


If you are pregnant or have high blood pressure, you should first consult a physician before using. Should you feel faint or dizzy discontinue at once and consult with your physician before your next Mineral Salt Bath.

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