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Discover the magic of healing herbs!

Who is Finlandia Alchemy?

Finlandia Alchemy is Finlandia’s Herbal Department brought online!

Finlandia Alchemy provides specially curated herbs, teas and accessories making it easy for herbal customers to shop for herbal and wellness products in one place. 


Who is Finlandia Alchemy for?

Finlandia Alchemy is for those who are looking for a natural way of living and healing. Whether it is for prevention or aiding an array of health conditions, herbal medicine can be a safe and effective path to wellness. 


Our Finlandia Brand Herbal Products

Dedicated exclusively to herbal medicine and wellness, Finlandia Alchemy is devoted to sourcing the best herbs with the strongest medicinal properties. All our herbs are carefully sourced from around the world with high Canadian standards. The majority of our herbs are certified organic or wild crafted from trusted suppliers with decades of experience.

To ensure quality:

- Our herbs are brought and blended in small batches to preserve potency and freshness.

- Our tinctures are concentrated herbal fluid extracts that are generally 3-5 times stronger than the usual tincture.

- Our specially sourced herbs are naturally potent with naturally occurring plant chemicals. We do not add synthetic chemicals to artificially enhance the plant markers.

Quality Control Requirements:

· Audited by the government, independent external bodies and international companies

· Certificates of Analysis available for all materials

· Complete traceability of materials

· Materials having been assessed internally or by third party independently, using all or some of the following methods: HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography), GC (Gas Chromatography), MA (Microbiological Assay), TLC (Thin Layer Chromatography)


Criteria that Finlandia Alchemy requires from herbal suppliers:

· Demonstration of long-standing expertise in the field

· Owned/operated by herbalists

· GACP (Good Agricultural and Collection Practices) certification

· GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certification

· cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) certification – where appropriate

· Bio-dynamic and/or Organic certification whenever possible

· Products are not tested on animals, are vegan and free of parabens and palm oil

· Free of pesticides, hormone disruptors and poisons

· Membership in professional associations such as EUROPAM (European Herb Growers Association – an evidence-based body of academic growers and producers)

· Authorization from the MHRA (Medicine and Health Care Regulatory Authority) – where appropriat


Additional attributes Finlandia Alchemy looks for from herbal suppliers:

· Long standing Soil Association accreditation

· Carbon positive footprint. A carbon positive footprint is a step beyond a carbon neutral footprint. Some of our growers ensure the planting of broad leaf tress and hedgerow shrubs to clean the air and “sink” more carbon than the business produces each year. Also involved in this positive footprint is using cow manure mixed with the herb marc (herb material left over from liquid extract production) as fertilizer which intensifies the amount of nutrients returned to the soil.

· Biodiversity practices. Also contributing to a carbon positive footprint would be the inclusion of a biodiversity preserve in the growing area supporting not only plants but animals, amphibians, minerals and microbiological systems.

· A positive cultural effect on socio-economic environments. This means that the farm or growing acreage is integrated into the local rural economy in a beneficial way.

· On-going professional development


If you have any herbal product questions, please call the Herbal Dispensary at
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